Thin film transfer matrix simulations made easy.

Prototype thin film designs and custom optical coatings in your web browser with over 2000 materials, a beautiful modern GUI, cloud computation/storage - and then download it when you're done. Try it all for free.

Thinoxide Web Client simplifies your optics prototyping workflow:

Quickly try out new materials

  • No more scowering the literature - drop in a ready to go material model immediately. Models are available for a range of common glasses for dielectric coatings, as well as many types of research materials such as ZnO, TiO2, PZT, ITO, aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films and more.

Cloud storage and computation

  • All computations are run on our simulation cloud. Run simulations and access your data from anywhere - even your mobile device.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Models and simulations are useful in fields such as photonic crystal design, quantum photonics, computational photonics, solar cell design, petrographic analysis, ellipsometry, infrared simulations and more.

Optical simulations in your browser

Thinoxide is free optical simulation software that enables optical thin film simulations all in your browser. Arbritrary stacks of thin films may be simulated, and from the result the optical properties of the entire system can be determined. Thinoxide is perfect for problems like thin film interference, optical coating design like anti reflection (ar) coatings, or as a compliment to an existing lens ray tracing simulation.

Get started for free.

Tested and trusted

The Thinoxide simulation engine has been developed and tested by professional optical engineers in the thin film industry. Thinoxide is suitable for use alongisde other popular applications such as Zemax, Lumerical, Solidworks, or COMSOL for designing thin film coatings.

2500+ prebuilt optical models

Ready to go literature sourced optical constants from the Refractive Index Info database at your fingertips - tabulated, Cauchy, Sellmeier and more. Just drop them in to your project and hit simulate.

No software to download

Thinoxide lives and runs entirely in your internet browser - no applications to install.

Grab your data when you're done

One click download of your simulation, results, and figures for import into MATLAB, Python, and more. Export and post-process your data when you're done - no strings attached.

Thinoxide is proud to have been developed in partnership with the following institutions: